Provincial Liberal Association

About the York-Simcoe Riding Association

Welcome to our website!  The mandate for York-Simcoe Provincial Liberal Association (YSPLA) is to represent the interests of  the residents in the riding whose issues and ideas are helping to make this riding a better place to work and live.

Our objectives are:

To promote Liberal values, principles and policies;
To provide a forum for communication with our MPPs, the Ontario Liberal Party, and the opinions of our members;
To elect, promote, and assist Liberal members of the Legislature;
To adhere to the Constitution of the Ontario Liberal Party; and
To organize in the Ontario electoral district for the Ontario Liberal Party.

Our website is designed to allow you to easily communicate with the OPLA and to know what events and information are available for your interests. Memberships, volunteering to support our candidate, and fundraising are all important features of the work Ontario Liberals do as we prepare for the next election. Donations of time, money, and expertise are welcomed anytime. Contact our President for any information that you require.

Our executive is made up of grassroots activists, local business professionals, municipal councillors, school trustees and youth.

President: Lynda Newman
Vice-President: Lynne Steele
Treasurer: Brian Johns
Secretary: Michele MacDonald


  • Tina Sibbald
  • Bill Condy
  • Jonathan Scott
  • Nick Ferreira
  • Nancy Halbert
  • Avia Eek
  • Mandeep Karwal
  • John Baxter
  • Leighton Graves
  • Liam Russell
  • Neil Proudfoot
  • Benedita Wilkerson
  • Ana Ferreira

Past Candidate: Loralea Carruthers

Past Federal Candidate: Shaun Tanaka and Colin Wilson

Past President: Jonathan Scott
Federal Presidents: Scott Crone and Philip Aubin

York-Simcoe PLA Executive

Jonathan Scott


Phone: 705-458-0017


Nick Ferreira

York--Simcoe Young Liberals' President

Brian Johns


Jonathan Scott



Loralea Carruthers

Past Candidate

Phone: 905-953-0303