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More childcare on the way!

Province investing in affordable spaces


There's been a lot of great news for local education:

In Bradford, two state-of-the-art new schools opened recently, with a replacement building announced for St Charles. Other local schools have seen significant renovations and 49 new childcare spaces have been created, with more on their way. 

In East Gwillimbury, provincial investments are building two brand new schools, as well as creating 72 new childcare spaces to help families.

The province also invested $59 million to help build the expanded Seneca College campus in King Township.

And, starting this coming fall, postsecondary tuition will be FREE for students from low- and middle-income families, thanks to a rejigging of the grants and loans the province provides. This is simply fantastic news and a true game changer as we work to prepare for the modern economy. 

With fantastic schools, it’s no wonder Ontario once again leads Canada and indeed the entire G7 in economic growth. 

Here's a story about a recent announcement in Bradford about local childcare spaces:

Chris Hadfield Public School in Bradford West Gwillimbury played host to a special guest on Oct. 20.

Associate Minister of Education, Indira Naidoo-Harris, was welcomed with open arms to make an announcement of a $7.2-million childcare initiative through the provincial government.

Naidoo-Harris spoke to the want and need of more available and high-quality childcare within the province, elaborating on the numerous comments she has received from families within Bradford and surrounding areas.

“It’s important for me to know what your needs are and in response to what we have heard from you and other spots around Ontario, we want to introduce more access to high quality care for younger children.”

The $7.2 million will be used to create dedicated childcare rooms inside of five schools throughout Simcoe County and York Region, equaling to 211 new licensed spaces that will become available to children for all-day care.

Chris Hadfield PS will be one of the recipients of a three-room childcare centre and once complete, will be able to house 49 new children between the ages of 12 months and four years.

Simcoe County District School Board director of education, Kathryn Wallace, thanked Naidoo-Harris and the provincial government’s effort to identify such a growing need in communities such as BWG.

Chris Hadfield PS, which opened its doors in January, was designed and built with the possibility of incorporating a dedicated childcare space at some point in the future.

Orillia’s St. Bernard’s Catholic School and Pope Francis Catholic School in Vaughan will each also incorporate 49 new childcare spaces, while St. Mary’s Catholic School in Huntsville will open 39 new spaces and St. Rene Goupil-St. Luke Catholic School will round things off with a total of 25 spaces.

In addition, Naidoo-Harris announced that in 2017, the government will roll out the initiative to create 100,000 new, licensed childcare spaces for infants, toddlers and preschoolers over a five-year period.

Naidoo-Harris says the commitment will double the current capacity for children under the age of four.

Accommodation of the 211 spaces will be addressed as soon as possible, according to Naidoo-Harris, and will be fully funded by the $7.2 million.

(Originally published in The Bradford Topic by Brea Bartholet.)